SHOBA Remembers...

Late Fr. Rodney Esperance was the Principal of SHBHS from 1981 - 1988. A simple, humble and unassuming man with a heart of gold, Fr. Esperance would always go out of his way to help those who approached him for help. He was particularly kind towards the poor and the needy. Loved by students and teachers alike, Fr. Esperance made it a point to attend all SHOBA reunions despite his failing health. We, the students and teachers of SHOBA, have fond memories of Fr. Esperance, and miss him dearly. May his soul rest in peace.

Howard 'Howdy' Martin (1955 - 1988) was the co-founder of SHOBA. His tireless efforts helped bring to life an organisation that has given the students of SHBHS the opportunity to stay connected with their alma mater and the teachers who shaped their formative years, long after their graduation. The SHOBA reunions bring together students and teachers of SHBHS to celebrate the successes of the school, and ensure that the bonhomie continues throughout the life of the Old Boys. SHOBA's outreach programmes, including sporting events and career guidance seminars, add value to current students of the locality, and allow its members to give back to the society now that they are well-established themselves.

Howdy's contribution to make the dream of SHOBA a reality cannot be overemphasised. A jolly good fellow with a fine sense of humour, he was unfortunately snatched from us much ahead of this time, but continues to live on in our hearts.

Aloysius 'Aloo' Mendes (1948 - 2010) was an active and dedicated member of the SHOBA committee. He worked long and hard hours behind the scenes to make sure that every event was perfectly organised and a joy to participate in. He took a keen interest in the affairs of SHOBA, and proactively went many extra miles to ensure the success of its endeavours. Though he passed away prematurely, his commitment and can-do approach is lovingly remembered at each SHOBA reunion.